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How much does it have to get a gas line installed at my home?

While installing a gas line can be costly, there’s no such thing as too expensive when it comes to yours and your family’s safety. Mainstream offers an upfront quote upon inspection and financing options to fit your needs and budget.

The overall price for gas line installation varies depending on a few factors.

1. The Permit Process

A permit is typically required to install a new gas line. This requires finding the safest spot to dig for the installation and waiting for approval. Our technicians have tons of expertise under their belts and can help you handle this process.

2. Piping Type and Length of the Gas Line

You have the choice between installing CCST, black iron, or copper piping for your home. Depending on your home’s location in the Spokane metro area, a certain type of piping may be recommended over another. Mainstream will provide our best recommendation based on your home’s needs.