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Looking for a heating and cooling company, plumber, or electrician? Here's why Post Falls residents choose Mainstream:

Upfront pricing: Never be scared of a surprise fee or hidden cost when you call us.

Expert technicians: Our technicians are highly-trained and skilled individuals who are prepared to handle your heating, cooling, plumbing, or electrical needs. 

Full satisfaction guarantee: If there's something wrong with our service, we'll come back and fix it. If we can't remedy it, you'll get your money back.

Mainstream's Premier HVAC Services

Air Conditioner Installation, Repair, and Maintenance

In Post Falls, the summers are warm with an average high of 84 degrees in July and fairly short. While the heat only lasts for a bit, you definitely want a running A/C system to keep your home cool and comfortable. 

This is why it’s important to run regular AC maintenance for the unit to work properly and efficiently. It will ensure that your AC system won’t prematurely give out and that you aren’t wasting more energy than necessary to cool your home. Mainstream Electric, Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing can help you prevent big problems and bigger costs by handling your annual AC tune-up. 

We can also handle any AC repairs or installations you may need. Our technicians are expertly trained, licensed, and ready to handle all your HVAC needs.

Stay Warm with Mainstream’s Heating Services

While the summers are mild, winters in Post Falls are no joke. On average, our city gets about 40 inches of snow per year and has a low of 24 degrees! A working heating system is a necessity for residents. 

Mainstream installs, repairs, and maintains all makes and models of furnaces and heat pumps.

Air Quality in Post Falls

For Post Falls residents, air quality has never been too much of a concern. It’s generally in the good and excellent levels of the air quality index (AQI). However, the recent wildfires of August 2021 have shown the community how rapidly that can change. 

It’s important to take precautions and protect your family in the event of future wildfires. The first step to keeping your family safe from outside pollution, smoke, and soot is to call Mainstream to schedule an indoor air quality assessment. Our technicians will assess your home and create a custom plan to keep your home’s air clean and fresh.

Professional Electrical Services

Your home’s electrical work must be done by the utmost professionals to ensure your family’s safety. Whether you are in need of electrical repairs or want to start a new project in your home, Mainstream is here to help. Our technicians will make sure everything is up to code and will get it done to your satisfaction.

Mainstream’s electrical services:

Post Falls' Favorite Plumbing Service Provider

Mainstream provides full-service plumbing repairs, installation, and maintenance. Whether you need something as complex as repiping your entire home or a simple drain cleaning, no job is too big or small for us. See why we are Post Falls' choice plumbers!

Mainstream’s plumbing services:

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