A heat pump is an electric-powered heating and cooling source for a home or business. They don’t use fossil fuels to run, making this a more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly way to regulate the temperature in your home. Mainstream Electric, Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing is here if you are ready to make the leap and install a heat pump in your home!

Our expert technicians are highly skilled and trained to do an installation, make any repairs, and do annual maintenance. Call Spokane’s favorite home services provider today!

Types of Heat Pumps

There are 4 different types of heat pumps to choose from:

  • Air Source:
  • Water Source
  • Geothermal
  • Mini-split

Heat Pump Installation

An air-source heat pump absorbs and moves heat. In the summer the heat pump will take the heat from inside your home and pump it back outside. And in the winter it does the same process, except it pushes out the cold air this time.

A water-source heat pump will only work if you have a nearby water source such as a well. It will extract and push out heat or cool air from the water pipes.

A geothermal heat pump requires piping filled with water to be installed under the home. These pipes will use the Earth’s natural temperature to heat or cool the water which will eventually make it to the surface of your heat pump. It will then heat or cool the air and push it into your home.

A mini-split system will work in combination with a furnace or boiler. The heat pump will work during milder temperatures, and the furnace/boiler will kick in if it gets too cold for the heat pump to work efficiently.

Common Signs that your Heat Pump Needs to be Repaired

  • Hissing, grinding, or other odd noises coming from the heat pump
  • Heat pump is turned on, but not heating/cooling
  • Heat pump is only cooling
  • Heat pump keeps turning off and on

Whatever the issue is, Mainstream is here to help!

Heat Pump Maintenance

To ensure that your heat pump is long-lasting and working to its full potential, schedule an annual maintenance check! A technician can work on preventative measures to avoid an early replacement or expensive repairs.

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