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What Type of Light Fixtures are Best for My Home?

Having the right type of lighting installed in your home has a major impact on how the rooms in your home feel. A proper lighting setup combines different kinds of light fixtures installed to create a calm and welcoming space. Mainstream strives to ensure you'll feel comfortable in your home, that's why we're experts in the 3 basic types of lighting:

Ambient Lighting

Installing ambient lighting fixtures creates an overall glow in a room, enough light to see and move, and sets a tone for the room. Ambient light sources include recessed pot lights, track lights, ceiling lamps/chandeliers, and other stand alone fixtures like floor and table lamps.

Accent Lighting

Installing accent lighting helps draw the eye, creating a focal point. It helps build upon ambient lighting fixtures, creating a dimension and drawing attention to things like artwork or unique design elements. Some popular light fixtures are wall-mounted picture lights, and sconces, which can be angled to create a spotlight.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is perfect for workplaces where you need localized light that can be dimmed or brightened for the task at hand. A task light installation ideally reduces glare and is bright enough to limit eye strain. Installing recessed or track lighting fixtures can accomplish this but more commonly, a desk or task lamp is installed.

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