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What are some signs I might have a water leak in my home?

Since most of your pipes are hidden out of sight behind walls or underground, you need to keep an eye out for subtle signs that can appear as a result of water line damage.

Signs of a Leaky Water Line

Unexplained Water Puddles

The most obvious sign of a water leak is water where you don’t expect it. You might notice soggy sections of carpet, random puddles on hard floors, or excess water on part of your lawn. Puddles in areas without a nearby water source can indicate a more severe leak than puddles by a sink or toilet.

Drastic Changes in Water Pressure

If you notice the water pressure suddenly drop, check all the sinks and showers throughout your home. If there’s low or no water pressure everywhere, you may have a major leak and should shut off the water supply.

A Sudden Spike in Your Water Bill

Most households use roughly the same amount of water each month. A dramatic increase in your monthly bill, when your routine hasn’t changed, is a more subtle sign that it’s time to call a plumber.

Water Spots and Mold

Water soaking in your walls or ceilings may create discolored water spots, grow mold, and develop a bad smell.

Foundation Issues

If you’ve got a hidden slab leak, that water has to go somewhere. Excess water underground can crack the foundation, warp your floors, and cause the ground to shift underneath your property.

Discolored, Rusty Water

Rusty, smelly water is a sign that your pipes are deteriorating and must be replaced. Older plumbing systems are more susceptible to failure from corrosion due to long-term exposure to water, mineral buildup, and acidic particles that break down pipe materials.

Sounds of Running Water

Water leaks can hiss, bubble, or flow behind your walls. If you hear these sounds when you aren’t running water on purpose, there is probably a leak.

Don’t hesitate to call Mainstream if you notice these signs of water line damage. Even small pinhole leaks can become gushing leaks if not properly addressed and repaired, so it’s important to treat every case seriously.

When in doubt, shut off your water supply and consult a licensed plumber. For urgent cases, Mainstream even offers emergency services so your issue can be seen that same day as soon as possible.