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What A Mainstream Apprenticeship Looks Like

2 Mainstream electricians on the job in Spokane, WA

Mainstream fully embodies the concept of growth. In recent years, our service area has expanded, our workforce has increased in size, and our revenue has grown exponentially. We’re able to serve more local residents than ever and make a difference in the lives of new customers every day. You might be surprised by one of the key factors that has been instrumental in this sustained success. We’re talking about our robust apprenticeship program.

The Power Of The Apprentice

Mainstream currently has a 1:1 apprentice-to-tech ratio across all our departments. 12 apprentices serve on our plumbing, HVAC, and electrical teams. 11 of them were hired in the last year. We invest so heavily in our apprenticeship program because we believe in the Mainstream way of doing things. We know that the right training done by the right people, and at the right pace, will unlock each apprentice’s potential and allow them to forge their own path to a successful career.

By working side by side with established skilled trades professionals, Mainstream apprentices are able to gain priceless practical experience. They are, however, not the only ones who learn from this experience. Managers and mentors alike testify to the growth they themselves experience by working closely with apprentices. As much as we believe in the Mainstream way of doing things, we understand that it’s an ever-evolving system that can improve. Being challenged by new ideas and perspectives brought to the table by apprentices is something we invite.

A Mainstream apprentice learning on the job

A Clear Path To Promotion

When you join our team as an apprentice, you will see a clear path to promotion no matter what stage of the journey you find yourself in. Those undertaking studies will advance in accordance with their progress in school. Others who are brand new to the trades will achieve promotion as quickly as they can master their craft. And industry veterans will be on the fast track to heading out to the field independently. We value the years of experience some candidates bring to their apprenticeship. Our goal is not to undo that, but to strike a special balance between their unique expertise and Mainstream’s unmatched standards of practice.

At Mainstream, we understand that everyone is at a different stage in life, and we accommodate that reality by making our apprenticeship program a tailored experience. When you join our team as an apprentice, you won’t be treated like a newbie. Many of the journeyman plumbers and managers at our company started out as apprentices. You will be a valued member of our team and well on your way to growing into the job you’ve always wanted.

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