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What are some common problems for sump pumps?

Throughout our years of service in Spokane, we’ve encountered a variety of common issues with sump pumps. Here are some typical problems you might face:

Loss of Power

A loss of power to your sump pump can leave your basement exposed to flooding, especially during storms that cause power outages. This can happen if the circuit breaker trips or if the pump gets unplugged by accident. Installing a battery backup system ensures that your sump pump remains operational, even during power outages, keeping your basement dry.

Continuous Operation

A sump pump that operates non-stop, irrespective of the weather, signals an underlying issue that requires prompt attention. Common reasons for this continuous operation include:

  • A constantly flooding sump pit.
  • Sump pump switches getting stuck.
  • A missing or malfunctioning check valve.
  • A blockage in the discharge line.

Pump Overload

In some cases, a single sump pump may not suffice to prevent basement flooding, particularly during intense storms. If the pump cannot cope with the influx of water, it might be because it’s not adequately powerful or because it’s of inferior quality, like some plastic models, which are prone to overheating or failing under pressure.

Discharge Line Blockages

The discharge line’s role is to expel collected water outside your home. If this line gets blocked, your sump pump system can’t function correctly. It’s crucial to ensure that discharge lines are not only clear of obstructions but also appropriately covered to prevent freezing or clogging, allowing for effective water expulsion from your basement.