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Who is responsible for a broken sewer pipe – the city or homeowner?

The responsibility for sewer line repair and the associated costs often lies with the homeowner. Typically, homeowners are responsible for the maintenance and repair of the portion of the sewer line on their property, extending from the house to the connection with the main sewer line, which may even be at or near the city street. This responsibility is consistent in many areas, including the greater Spokane and San Antonio areas. The city or municipality’s responsibility for the sewer line typically ends where it connects to the homeowner’s property, and the rest of the sewer line falls under the homeowner’s jurisdiction. In some cases, repair costs may be shared among property owners in multi-unit buildings, depending on local regulations and agreements. While homeowners’ insurance may offer coverage, policies can vary, so it’s essential to check your specific coverage. Consulting local authorities or our licensed plumbers is advisable to determine specific repair responsibilities and costs. Early detection and prompt action can help minimize expenses and prevent further damage to the sewer system.