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Water Pressure Reducing Valve REpair

PRV Repair and Installation in Spokane

Experiencing water pressure issues? Whether it’s too high, too low, or fluctuating, it could be time for water pressure reduction valve repair.

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PRV Repair Services

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Protect your home from flooding with a functioning water pressure reducing valve (PRV). Schedule an inspection today to ensure your pipes’ pressure is maintained at safe levels.
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Pressure Reducing Valves (PRVs)

Frequently Asked Questions

If you hear banging pipes in your home that is a tell-tale sign that you have high water pressure.  We recommend that you have Mainstream come out and take a precise reading and we can test your pressure with a gauge.

Low Pressure

Sometimes, when the PRV fails, it decreases the pressure and water flow across the entire system. This can gradually get worse over time and be difficult to notice. If you observe poor water pressure at different faucets throughout the home, this could be the reason. If you have good pressure when running one faucet but it drops significantly when another faucet is turned on, this is often a symptom of a failing PRV.


Pressure reducing valves can also start to cause weird noises whenever different faucets are turned on. This sometimes sounds like a humming, squealing, or knocking sound that happens regularly when you turn on different faucets throughout the house.

High Pressure

The PRV can also fail by allowing high water pressure into homes. Although this won’t affect your experience as much as low water pressure, this high pressure is wearing out the plumbing in your home. You may also notice water-hammer. This creates a banging noise in the walls whenever a faucet is quickly turned off. (This is especially common when the clothes washing machine is running.)


Finally, PRVs can fail by simply leaking. Because they are usually installed in the front flower bed, it will create a wet, soggy spot where this valve is located. Look inside the valve box (usually a rectangular or circular green lid) to see if there is standing water. This box may be buried and tough to locate.

A PRV will typically last 10-15 years with some lasting up to 20. The lifespan will depend on a variety of factors. At the first signs of water pressure issues, water pipe noise, or visible corrosion on your PRV, you should have it inspected. It can potentially cause major issues if left ignored.

Aside from annoyances in water pressure and noises from water pipes, your home’s water lines, faucets, and appliances (dishwashers, hot water tanks, laundry) weren’t designed to handle this level of high pressure. This can lead to excessive wear and tear and an increased potential of water leaks.

A pressure reducing valve is a key piece that connects your municipal water line to your home’s water lines. Just as the name suggests, it reduces the high pressure coming from the water source down to a lower pressure for your home.