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5 Common Scams to Watch for When Hiring an Electrician

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Finding a trustworthy electrician in Spokane can be tricky.  While many provide excellent service, some might try to take advantage of you. Here’s how to avoid common electrical scams:

Scam 1: Shifting Costs

Electrical work can be pricey, but some contractors might lowball the estimate initially and then inflate the final bill with surprise charges for “extra materials” or claiming the job is “more complex” than expected. Watch out for electricians who quote an excessively high price upfront, claiming they use only premium parts and warranties. These may be tactics to cover for subpar work or inability to meet code.

Avoiding the Scam:

  • Ensure your electrician has a valid Spokane City electrical license and insurance, with good references you can verify.
  • Get at least three written estimates for comparison.

Scam 2: The Fast Talker

Beware of electricians who overwhelm you with technical jargon.  They might give a verbal “diagnosis” instead of a detailed written estimate, pressuring you to accept a high price for unnecessary work before you can get other opinions.

Avoiding the Scam:

  • Insist on a written estimate before agreeing to anything.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for explanations about the recommended work. A reputable electrician will explain everything clearly.

Scam 3: The Whole-Home Rewire Hustle

Modern Spokane homes undergo rigorous electrical inspections before being sold. So, unless you have a very old home, a complete rewire is likely unnecessary. There are more affordable solutions like adding GFCI outlets for improved safety.

Avoiding the Scam:

Scam 4: The Up-Front Payment Trap

Never pay an electrician in full before any work starts. This is a red flag that they might disappear with your money without doing the job.

Avoiding the Scam:

  • Refuse estimates requesting full payment upfront or cash payments. A small deposit for large projects might be standard, but discuss this beforehand.

Scam 5: The Overly Eager Salesperson

Friendliness is great, but excessive pressure to sign a contract or accept work is a warning sign. You might end up with unnecessary and expensive electrical work.

Avoiding the Scam:

  • Trust your gut. If something feels off, it probably is.
  • Read the fine print carefully before signing any contracts.
  • A reputable electrician will give you time to review the estimate and ask questions.

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