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Main Line Drain Clog Prevention in Spokane, WA

Mainstream Technicians Clearing a Drain into Bathroom

Here’s how to prevent main line clogs in Spokane:

Mind those mighty pines: Tree roots love sneaking into sewer lines. If you have recurring clogs, consider talking to a certified arborist. Trimming roots or strategically planting trees away from your sewer line can save you a future headache (and a clogged drain!).

Watch what goes down the drain: Garbage disposals are handy, but they have limits. Avoid pouring down grease, coffee grounds, or starchy foods like pasta and potato peels. Grease can solidify and trap other debris, while fibrous materials like coffee grounds can form clogs. Invest in a small bin for food scraps and use a drain screen to catch anything else that might slip through.

Hair today, gone tomorrow (not down the drain): Hair is a drain’s worst enemy. It easily clumps and forms clogs. Prevent hair woes by using drain traps and hair catchers in your shower and bathroom sink.

The enzymatic advantage: Regularly use enzymatic drain cleaners to break down organic waste buildup in your pipes. Find brands readily available at Spokane hardware stores. These enzymes will keep your drains flowing freely by preventing clogs before they start. Treat all drains at once (usually at night) and avoid using them for a few hours to let the enzymes work their magic.

Catch that sneaky lint: Washing machine lint can build up in your main line over time. Install a lint trap on your washing machine’s drain hose to prevent excess lint from causing problems down the line.

Still clogged? Mainstream Plumbing is here to help!

If you’ve tried these prevention tips and your drains are still sluggish, it’s time to call in the Spokane plumbing experts. Mainstream Plumbing offers fast, reliable service to diagnose and fix your drain problems, getting your home back to normal in no time.

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