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Q&A with a Spokane Plumber: Water Jetting FAQ

A still from an interview with a Mainstream tech

Q: What is high pressure water jetting?

A: Hydro-jetting, or water jetting, is an efficient, economical, and environmentally safe drain cleaning method used commonly in Spokane. Using state-of-the-art pumps and flexible hoses, water is forced under varying amounts of pressure into the sewer line. A special nozzle called a ‘cutter’ attaches to the end of the heavy-duty hose and is equipped with an assortment of forward and reverse water jets, which directs powerful streams of concentrated water up against dirty, grimy pipe interiors. Water jetters can cut through even the most resilient clogs and blockages, clearing the line and even leaving the pipe interiors remarkably clean.

Q: What kind of pipe and drain blockages are water jetters best at eliminating?

A: The highly pressurized force of our water jetters can penetrate hardened globs of grease, break apart random waste sludge and debris, shred tree roots, and slice through hardened scale. And the kicker is that once the ‘cutting’ is done, the water helps flush loose detritus along your pipes and finally out of your plumbing system.

Q: Can I use water jets on clogged sewers as well as clogged drains?

A: Yes, water jetting can be an awesome solution to sewer back ups, which, for our money, are the most disgusting and distressing plumbing mishaps a homeowner will ever encounter. Water jets can help a great deal with sewer back ups. They are powerful and versatile enough to punch through most any serious sewer line clog. The highly pressurized water jets will scour the inside of your sewer line and improve the flow of your sewer system without causing damage to it.

Q: How often should I plan on having my pipes and drains professionally water jetted?

A: Well, this will ultimately depend on variables like how many people are living in your home, how much use each individual drain gets, and how diligent you are about always following basic drain maintenance tips. But if I had to pick a number, I would say that most of our customers in Spokane seem to benefit the most from one or two cleanings annually.

Are sluggish drains or frustrating backups slowing you down? At Mainstream Plumbing, our water jetting technicians are equipped to handle even the toughest clogs. We’ll blast away debris and restore your plumbing to smooth operation – quickly and efficiently.

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