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What are the Signs I Should Replace My Circuit Breaker Panel?

It's not uncommon for a new homeowner to come across an outdated circuit panel when they purchase a new home requiring an upgrade. These old circuit panels may only hold 20 or 40 amps, while the average modern home requires at least 100 amps at least. Although installing a new circuit panel can be costly, the expert electricians at Mainstream will address your needs and find the most reasonable, affordable solution for your home.. Some factors affecting the overall cost of a new circuit panel installation include:

Which New Electrical Panel You Choose

With different sizes, in- and outdoor units, combinable with the meter, a range of available circuit spaces, it's best to get an expert’s input on which choice is best for your home.

If You Have to Upgrade Electrical Service

If you decide to upgrade to a larger electrical service flow, you may need to ensure you have your utility provider come out and upgrade your power supply or meter Call our team today and we’ll help you ensure your electrical system is properly set up.

Repair of Existing Wiring & New Wiring Installation

If you're replacing an electric circuit panel, it may require drilling or carpentry to arrange for adequate access to the newly installed panel. It may also require additional wiring to link any new subpanels added. Subpanels are necessary when a single circuit breaker panel can not cover an entire home and are essentially mini circuit panels.

No matter your home's needs, our expert electricians will help determine your electricity and circuit breaker panel needs and give you advice before any work is done.

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