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Are leaky faucets an emergency?

No, but they are still something you should have address ASAP.

So, the tap drips a little — what’s the big deal? The reality is a leaky faucet can cause more problems than you might realize. In fact, by fixing a leaky faucet as soon as you notice it, you can:

  • Conserve water: A slow drip of just three drops a minute wastes about 157 gallons a year. At this rate, all the houses in the U.S. waste a collective 1 trillion gallons of water in faucet leaks alone! Don’t let your home contribute to this waste — call us to fix your faucet quickly and effectively.
  • Keep costs down: Who wants to pay more than necessary on their water bills? If you notice your costs going up, leaky faucets could be to blame. Fixing the leak is a guaranteed way to bring your bills back down.
  • Avoid puddles, rust, and mold: If you have a hidden leak that drips water under the sink, a pool may start to form in the cabinet. Over time, this damages the wood and may contribute to mold growth. Even if the faucet only drips from the tap or handle, excessive water here could corrode the metal components of the drain and faucet, causing unsightly damage. Thankfully, repairing the leak promptly preserves the appearance of your sink and cabinet.
  • Eliminate the annoying dripping noise: Even if you’re not bothered by water waste, rising utility bills, or potential property damage, fixing a leaky faucet serves another essential purpose — getting rid of that infuriating drip, drip, drip!