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Do I need to clean my garbage disposal regularly?

Maintaining a clean garbage disposal is crucial for preventing odors, bacterial growth, and clogs.
How frequently it needs cleaning can vary based on how much and what types of food waste you dispose of.
At Mainstream, we suggest cleaning your garbage disposal at least once a week by implementing one or more of the following strategies:

  1. Post-Use Flush: After each use, run cold water through the disposal for a few seconds to flush away debris.
  2. Moderate Food Waste: Avoid overloading the disposal with large amounts of food waste at once.
  3. Natural Cleaning Solution: Use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar for a safe and effective clean.
    • Pour about half a cup of baking soda into the disposal.
    • Follow with a cup of white vinegar.
    • Allow the mixture to fizz and sit for a few minutes to break down residue.
    • Flush the disposal with hot water while running it.
  4. Ice Cubes and Citrus Peels: This method helps clean the blades and freshen up the unit.
    • Drop a few ice cubes and citrus peels (lemon, lime, or orange) into the disposal.
    • Run the disposal with cold water to clean the blades and eliminate odors.

Regular cleaning ensures your garbage disposal operates efficiently and maintains a clean, odor-free kitchen environment.

Should you encounter issues that these tips don’t resolve, or if you require professional assistance, Mainstream is ready to help. Contact us today for prompt and expert service, ensuring your garbage disposal and the rest of your plumbing system are in optimal condition.