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How do I choose a generator for my home?

Whether you’re looking to use a generator at your home, workplace, or for a recreational vehicle, there are a few factors to consider:

The Different Types of Home Generators

There are plenty of home generator options to choose from, including whole-home standby generators; large, medium, and small inverters; portable generators, and more.

Whole-home standby generators: Many standby home generators are powered by natural gas, and switch on automatically in a power outage without requiring refueling.

Inverters: Inverters cover a wide range of uses and can power anything from a few appliances to a whole small house.

Portable generators: Portable generators usually offer the best value for your dollar, but are often limited in their output.

Generator Sizes

The size of the home generator that you choose to buy depends mostly on what you’ll be using it for.

If you need a home generator with capacity to power your entire home for prolonged periods during an emergency, then you’ll probably need what’s called a standby generator. These are permanently installed outside your home, and are generally the most expensive option.

Large and medium inverters are another good option if you’re only looking to power a few key appliances during a power outage.

Calculating the Amount of Power You Need

Your home generator should be able to power the combined wattage of all of the appliances you want running when the power goes out. Calculating exactly what wattage you need can be tricky, and is potentially dangerous if calculated incorrectly. The generator installation experts at Mainstream can help you decide exactly how much power your home needs with a personalized home generator installation proposal.

Call the expert electricians at Mainstream to receive a comprehensive proposal for the perfect home generator for you!