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How do I prevent my outdoor spigots from freezing in winter?

In Washington, the winters can be harsh, bringing the risk of frozen outdoor spigots. To protect your spigots during the cold months, consider these preventative measures:

  1. Install Freeze-Proof Faucets: These are designed to prevent water from freezing inside the spigot, reducing the risk of burst pipes.
  2. Insulate Outdoor Faucets: Insulation can keep the cold air away from your spigots.
  3. Disconnect Hoses: Water left in hoses can freeze and expand, causing connected spigots to freeze and break.
  4. Install Frost-Free Hose Bibs: These are specifically designed to prevent freezing by shutting off the water flow within the heated space of your home.
  5. Use Outdoor Faucet Covers: These inexpensive covers provide additional insulation against the cold.
  6. Drain Water Lines: Removing all water from the lines prevents freezing.
  7. Install Heat Tape: Heat tape around pipes can keep them warm enough to prevent freezing.
  8. Close Interior Shut-Off Valves: Shutting off the water supply to outdoor faucets from inside the home can prevent freezing.
  9. Seal Gaps and Cracks: Sealing any openings in your home’s exterior can keep cold air away from pipes and spigots.
  10. Use Faucet Insulation Covers: Similar to outdoor faucet covers, these provide a barrier against the cold.
  11. Keep Garage Doors Closed: If your outdoor spigots are located near or in a garage, keeping the garage doors closed can help maintain a warmer environment around the pipes.

Mainstream is dedicated to helping Spokane residents winterize their homes, ensuring that your outdoor spigots and plumbing are prepared for the winter chill and the summer heat every year. If you’re unsure about how to protect your outdoor plumbing or need professional assistance, Mainstream is here to help with all your plumbing needs.