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How much will a plumbing inspection cost?

Plumbing professionals will charge different amounts based on the work that’s included in your plumbing inspection. Let’s examine some typical costs.

Typical plumbing inspection costs

Nationwide, the average cost for a plumbing inspection is about $200.

  • A visual inspection, discussed above, will be on the lower end of the range.
  • Inspections that require cameras, will be more expensive. In some cases as much as $500.

Typical plumbing repair costs

If you find out that you require plumbing repairs, here are some typical costs. Remember, even an expensive repair will probably result in less expense later on. Prices can vary, depending on the difficulty of the work being completed.

  • Unclogging drains – $175
  • Removing objects from drain lines – $100-$300
  • Clearing sewer lines – $75-$200
  • Sewer line repair $750-$2000
  • Sewer line replacement – $7000+