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What are signs I might have a burst pipe?

Low Water Pressure

Are you having issues with your water pressure? If you experience slow or no water flow at all, it’s time to call a plumber to check it out. While it does not mean that a pipe has completely burst, it can be a symptom of other pipe issues and even clogging.

Pools of Water on the Lawn

Have you started to notice random pools of water on your lawn? This may be a symptom of a burst pipe that needs repair right away. Standing water or even the beginnings of sinkholes on your property can be a sign of a very serious issue. To prevent any further damage, it’s best to give Mainstream a call right away.

Damp Walls

If the walls in your home are damp or have unexplained watermarks on them, that’s a sign that the pipes behind the wall have burst. Luckily, that means our expert technicians know exactly where the burst is and can go through the repair process even quicker.