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What are some signs my drain might be clogged?

Being proactive about clogged drains can help homeowners avoid serious plumbing damage. When you notice slowed drainage, don’t put off a call for drain cleaning services until the drain is completely blocked. Watch for these signs that often appear when you have a clog forming in your pipes:

  • Drains often become noisier when a clog has formed in the pipe. Gurgling or bubbling noises come out of the drain while a fixture is in use or when nearby fixtures or water-consuming appliances are in use. Flushing a toilet may result in sounds from bathroom sink drains in the same bathroom.
  • Clogs can also produce a backup of water into plumbing fixtures. The use of one fixture may produce a backup into another. When a toilet flushes, sink drains, and shower drains may experience water coming back up.
  • A clogged sewer pipe can produce standing water in the yard or pooling water at a basement floor drain. While sometimes visible, this symptom can be hard to detect depending on your landscaping and other natural features. The presence of more insects and pests is a good indicator of stagnant, standing water.
  • The smell of sewage is a strong sign you have clogged drains. When the odor is first detected in the home, it’s time to call a plumber for drain cleaning services