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When should I replace my home’s outlets?

If your electrical outlets are no longer able to hold the prongs of a plug, or are providing inconsistent power, it’s time to call an electrician to come fix or replace them.

Broken outlets can cause serious shock and fire hazards, and should be inspected at the first sign of damage. Some signs to look for include:

Discolored Outlets

Signs of discoloration indicate overheating, which is a serious problem.

Sparks or Smoke

If an outlet emits sparks or smokes when an appliance is plugged into it, something is wrong. There is a good chance the outlet was exposed to water or short circuited.

Cracked Outlet Plates

When an outlet’s cover plates become cracked, its wires can become exposed, which presents a shock risk and fire hazard. When this happens, it’s best to shut off power to the outlet, or at the very least avoid using it until it can be replaced.