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Why does my sump pump constantly run?

The frequency of your sump pump’s operation can vary greatly, typically running 2 to 3 times daily under normal conditions. However, during heavy storms, this frequency can increase to 5 or more activations per day. If you notice your sump pump running incessantly in the absence of rain, it indicates a potential issue with the unit. Below are four common problems that could cause your sump pump to run non-stop, along with their solutions.

Blocked Inlet Screen

The inlet screen filters incoming water to protect the pump’s motor from debris such as rocks and dirt. If your pump is cycling more than usual, the screen might be clogged, leading to inefficient water flow and prolonged pump operation. Our team can address this by cleaning or replacing the inlet screen, ensuring your pump runs efficiently.

Malfunctioning Check Valve

The check valve in the discharge line prevents expelled water from flowing back into the sump pit. A clogged or damaged check valve can cause water to re-enter the pit, triggering continuous pump activation. Our service includes inspecting and clearing the check valve of any obstructions to ensure proper function and prevent constant running.

If you’re facing these or other sump pump issues, our experienced team is ready to assist. We provide comprehensive sump pump repair and installation services, ensuring your basement stays dry. Contact us for a thorough inspection and solution to any sump pump problem.