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Why should I have a sewer inspection?

Accuracy is one of the biggest benefits of sewer camera inspections. Snaking a tiny camera through the pipes can show a plumber exactly where the problem is and helps them figure out the best way to proceed either with sewer line repairreplacement, or drain cleaning.

A camera inspection is also much more convenient for the homeowner. Rather than needing to excavate to find a plumbing issue, a small camera solves it all. There’s no longer a need to worry about digging fees or harm to your landscaping.

This means that you can quickly know the reason for the clog or low water pressure in your home. You’ll be able to receive a diagnosis, decide on a solution, and be back to using your water like normal in no time!

Mainstream’s sewer repair team is trained to analyze your sewer line, determine its overall condition, and locate problems that are affecting your home’s plumbing.

Camera inspection allows us to travel through your sewer line and take a closer look. Our team can then draw conclusions about the nature of your sewer line problem, where it is located, and how to proceed with repair which can include either traditional sewer line repair or trenchless.