The air quality in your home is a vital aspect of your family’s safety and comfort. Do you often experience dry skin and eyes in your home? Or sneezing and coughing fits? These can be signs that you need to step up your home’s indoor air quality.

At Mainstream Electric, Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing we are here to provide you with a solution that will protect your family’s health and keep you all comfortable in your own home. Whether you need more moisture in the air or your home is too humid, we can save the day.

Humidifier Installation

If you are suffering from dry skin year-round or are noticing cracks in your wood floors, you may benefit from a whole-house humidifier. This will restore a healthy amount of moisture in the air in your home. It can help reduce dry skin, ease allergy symptoms, and protect your wood floors and furniture from further damage.

How Much Does a Humidifier Installation Cost?

When it comes to your family’s health, there’s really no price that isn’t worth paying. Mainstream realizes that home services can be costly, and we don’t want to cause a financial hardship to ensure your family’s safety in their home. We offer financing options so you can get the work done and pay on your time.

The installation cost varies depending on the home’s existing ducts and the size of the humidifier. If the air ducts are too old or can’t handle the airflow, they will need to be upgraded which costs more.

Dehumidifier Installation

If your home always seems warm, has foggy windows, or even a musty smell, it is a sign that you can benefit from a dehumidifier. This can improve the moisture levels in the air and prevent mildew buildup.

How Much Does a Dehumidifier Installation Cost?

Again, you can’t put a price on health and safety. At Mainstream, we believe in providing competitive prices and financing options to not allow the cost of necessary services to get in the way.

Similar to humidifiers, the installation cost depends on the home’s current air ducts and the size of the dehumidifier needed. We provide upfront pricing with no surprise fees that are added later on. What you are quoted is the amount that you’ll pay.

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