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Hydro Jetting in Spokane & Spokane Valley

Some drain clogs are so stubborn they require heavy machinery to be resolved. That’s where the hydro jet comes in. This drain cleaning instrument can spray pressurized water up to 25,000 psi, flushing away even the toughest of drain clogs with ease.

Think your home's drain may need hydro jetting service? Ask an expert from Mainstream below for fast answers and get reliable service that your neighbors trust! No matter the problem or time of year, we will come to your aid.

The Benefits Of Hydro-Jetting Service

The biggest selling point of hydro-jetting service is its sheer power. Grease clogs are easily cleared out by this machine. Not even tree roots stand a chance. Among its other advantages are:

Long-Lasting Effect: hydro-jetting is an effective and long-lasting method of drain cleaning. This service will greatly prolong the time before another clog can form.

Versatility: the hydro jet can be used on drain and sewage systems of any size, material, or type (except for sewer lines composed of orangeburg pipe).

Upfront Pricing: at Mainstream, we guarantee that you'll never pay a higher cost than what was quoted for hydro-jetting service.

Guaranteed Effectiveness: hydro-jetting service eradicates clogs as well as residue, ensuring optimal flow.

Bacteria Cleansed: contractors have access to an all natural product called Total-C which can be used during hydro-jetting service. Its enzymes can attack natural bacteria as it is being flushed down the pipe at high pressure.

Environmentally Friendly: throughout the hydro-jetting procedure, technicians rely on water pressure, not chemicals, to clear the drain.

Timely Service: although the hydro jet requires a trained expert to operate it, that doesn’t mean you have to wait weeks to enjoy its benefits. Our team has dispatch and logistics down to a T, allowing us to get a hydro jet to our customers’ homes as soon as the request comes in. Ask about our same-day-service availability.

What are Symptoms of a Clogged Drain in Need of Hydro-Jetting?

Nothing is worse than having sewage coming back up from your toilet, sink, bathtub, or shower. No need to worry! Mainstream’s expert team knows how to hydro-jet the problem away. If you notice any of the following, a problem may be present in your sewer or water line and it's time to call the professional hydro-jetting plumbers at Mainstream for help:

Multiple Backed-up Drains in Your Home

If multiple drains are blocked in your house, water flow does not have a clear path, has started to back-flow, or likely will back-flow soon. It’s best to catch the problem now before it escalates, so call you should call for a hydro-jetting service as soon as possible.

Water is Draining Much Slower than Usual

Water pooling at your feet in the shower? Sink water flowing slowly and pooling? It's likely your drain has an obstruction. You may have some luck clearing it yourself, but most drain blockages leave debris and residue, which is best left for a hydro-jetting service from our expert plumbers.

Sewage Backflow in the Bathroom or Kitchen

Over time, drain clogs can get forced down the pipes and into your sewer line. After that, sewage may fail to flow properly into the city sewer system and instead flow back through your kitchen and bathroom drains.

Bad Smells Coming From Your Drains

Are you noticing an unpleasant stench around an appliance such as your tub or sink? If it's not the trash, chances are you have a buildup of food, organic waste, or other smelly materials in your drain that needs to be cleaned out.

A Growing Team Of Hydro-Jetting Experts

Homeowners of Spokane, WA may have noticed an increased number of our eye-catching trucks on the road over the last few years. Our team is growing faster than ever, allowing us to serve more customers than ever.

Mainstream is proud to provide this much needed service to the communities of Spokane, WA and beyond. Our service area stretches from Deer park to Liberty Lake, from Airway Heights to Nine Mile, and everywhere in between. Our coverage even extends into Idaho including Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls, Hayden, Rathdrum.

Although our area of operation is exclusive, drain clogs don’t play by those rules. They can strike any time, anywhere. Your home is especially vulnerable during the holiday season. Protect your plumbing whenever you can. However, if a drain clog should rear its ugly head, you can count on Mainstream for swift 5-star service!

Check out why your neighbors trust us to get the job done right


Cody was respectful, personable, courteous, answered all our questions we had during his visit, knowledgeable. Cody helped us get in touch of the appropriate people, to finance the work that our home needs. He helped get the work scheduled so that we wont need to wait longer to get the work taken care of.
Crystal N.

Above & Beyond

Technician Steve, was very thorough in his investigation. Went above what I asked for, we had a black water flood and I was just asking to have the toilet and sink reinstalled. He put his camera through my sewer system to make sure that we were not going to have future issues. He made sure that I was able to see what he saw. It was educational to say the least and he was great at explaining what was in there. Feel very safe using his services and do not feel that he is taking advantage in any way. Highly recommend Steve!!
Aaron S.

Highly Recommend

The entire team was very responsive and nice. Handled scheduling quickly. Process was clearly outlined at multiple points in the job to ensure expectations were being met. Took 48 hours from time I reached out to complete issue resolution. Highly recommend
Jenn C.


Jaymin was very professional and friendly. Was knowledgeable and got right down to business. Did a great job! He deserves a KUDOS!! 👍 Daryl was also very professional and friendly. He was knowledgeable and explained the problem very clearly. He's also a good salesman! KUDOS to him, as well!! 👍
Judy W.
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Hydro Jetting FAQs

Hydro-jetting is a type of drain cleaning that uses water pressure with a spinning top to push through any debris that is in your pipes and clean them out without doing any damage to your plumbing.