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Water Line Install and Replacement Services in Spokane & Spokane Valley

Over the past 20+ years, Mainstream has established a reputation for the best plumbing services in Spokane. Our expertise and dedication to exceptional customer service has made us the people to call when you need professional care.

A working water line is essential to every home. It’s important that you are able to access clean water while washing dishes, showering, and more.

If you believe that your water line is broken or has burst, it’s best to call the experts right away to avoid any further damage to your home or your health. Whether your water line needs installation, routine maintenance or a full replacement, you can trust Mainstream to handle it all.

When Water Line Replacement Is Required

The most common causes of water line damage are extreme low temperatures, movement in the ground, and corrosion. The age of your system, as well as prolonged periods without professional maintenance, also contribute to the failure of water lines. Although it is unlikely to cause complete water line failure, invasive tree roots can wreak havoc on the plumbing of Spokane homes.

If you have any concerns or questions, the best thing to do is be proactive. Replacement can be avoided if damage is addressed early, and you might only require water line repair to ensure the health of your home’s plumbing system. Call us to have all your questions answered today.

What Do I Do if I Think My Water Line Has Burst?

If you believe that your water line is broken, immediately shut off the main water to your house. Then you should call Mainstream to send our expert plumbers to diagnose and fix the problem in a timely manner. We value your time and understand that a water line installation is a big deal. When you call, make sure to ask about same-day service so we can help you promptly.

Water Line Installation FAQs

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Cody was respectful, personable, courteous, answered all our questions we had during his visit, knowledgeable. Cody helped us get in touch of the appropriate people, to finance the work that our home needs. He helped get the work scheduled so that we wont need to wait longer to get the work taken care of.
Crystal N.

Above & Beyond

Technician Steve, was very thorough in his investigation. Went above what I asked for, we had a black water flood and I was just asking to have the toilet and sink reinstalled. He put his camera through my sewer system to make sure that we were not going to have future issues. He made sure that I was able to see what he saw. It was educational to say the least and he was great at explaining what was in there. Feel very safe using his services and do not feel that he is taking advantage in any way. Highly recommend Steve!!
Aaron S.

Highly Recommend

The entire team was very responsive and nice. Handled scheduling quickly. Process was clearly outlined at multiple points in the job to ensure expectations were being met. Took 48 hours from time I reached out to complete issue resolution. Highly recommend
Jenn C.


Jaymin was very professional and friendly. Was knowledgeable and got right down to business. Did a great job! He deserves a KUDOS!! 👍 Daryl was also very professional and friendly. He was knowledgeable and explained the problem very clearly. He's also a good salesman! KUDOS to him, as well!! 👍
Judy W.
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Mainstream Will Handle All Your Water Line Needs


No matter how big or small the problem is, Mainstream is here to help! We have been serving the Spokane Valley and Northern Idaho area for over 20 years. Call or contact us online today to see why we have been the community’s favorite home service provider.

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