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Can my current electrical system support my home renovation/addition plans?

Embarking on a home renovation or addition is an exciting venture that can significantly enhance your living space and property value. However, it’s crucial to consider the capability of your current electrical system to support these new demands. At Mainstream, your safety and the efficiency of your home’s electrical infrastructure are our top priorities. Here’s why an electrical upgrade might be essential for your renovation project:

  • Capacity for Expansion: Modern lifestyles and appliances necessitate approximately 200 amps for a home’s electrical demand. Yet, many older homes are equipped with electrical systems designed for much lower capacities — some as low as 40 amps. As you plan your home addition or renovation, it’s essential to assess whether your existing electrical panel can handle the increased power requirements or if an upgrade is necessary.
  • Panel Limitations: If your current electrical panel is maxed out with no room for additional circuits, you may need to consider installing a larger panel or an additional one to accommodate your renovation plans. While updating your electrical panel represents an additional expense, it’s a critical investment in the safety and functionality of your home. Cutting corners on electrical work can lead to significant risks.
  • Safety and Code Compliance: Especially in older homes, your electrical system may not only be underpowered for today’s needs but also potentially not up to current building codes. Upgrading your electrical system ensures that your home can safely handle the increased demand from new appliances, additional outlets, and more, keeping your home safe, efficient, and compliant with local regulations.
  • Mainstream’s Expertise: With years of experience in electrical, heating, cooling, and plumbing services in the Spokane area, Mainstream is your go-to expert for ensuring your home renovation or addition project is supported by a robust and code-compliant electrical system. Our team of certified professionals is ready to assess your needs and provide solutions tailored to ensure your project’s success.

Don’t let outdated electrical systems hold back your renovation plans. Contact Mainstream today to ensure your home is prepared to meet the demands of your exciting new project. Our commitment to quality, safety, and efficiency makes us the trusted choice for homeowners looking to enhance their living spaces. Let us help you navigate the complexities of electrical upgrades with ease and confidence.